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Welcome to Homemade Strength. I'm Carl, and this is my blog about an area in life that I've become passionate about; strength training. Not just strength training but training  from home. Homemade Strength is a site to help you remove excuses.

There are many ways to get the task of training done. Go to a proper gym, buy equipment and put together a home gym, or find that equipment used to save money. But if you "can't" do that then perhaps this is another option. You can make suitable equipment and you can make it with very little money.

I'm not saying it's the best option, I'm just saying it's an option. So if you don't agree with this site, feel free to change the world by posting your discontent to the comments.


This is a blog. I aim to make all the projects suitable for anyone to complete but anything you chose to do is completely your responsibility. It should go without saying, but nothing does these days so I'll say it anyway. It's up to you to use common sense, test your equipment, and put safety first. If you make a piece of junk and get hurt using it, that's your fault and yours alone. In other words, you accept that you are using the information and ideas on this site at your own risk, just as I use them at my own risk in my home gym.

Neither Homemade Strength, Carl, nor anyone associated with this site past present or future, is responsible for your actions. If you cut your leg off , stub your toe, hit your thumb with a hammer, put a nail through your arm, or any other painful, yet probably hilarious when captured on film, act that is completely your own fault. You and you alone will be responsible for any financial or physical consequences of your actions. Don't be stupid, be safe. Learn how to use tools and safety gear properly before you do so. Don't act like an idiot. But if you do, be sure to get it on camera and upload it to Youtube. It won't help you pay the hospital bill but it will probably get a lot of views.


It exists for two reasons. First, I kept hearing guys talk about how they "can't" train properly because "there is no gym with a power rack in my area. I can't be arsed to drive a little further. I can't afford to build a home gym. I can't find used equipment in my area. I'll just get a barbell and squat off of rickety chairs. Or I simply won't squat at all." The first thing to acknowledge is that "can't" usually means "don't want it enough to find a way." I started out like that too. But I eventually found a way to get things done, and that is what I detail on this blog.

I believe the projects on this site can allow the average guy to set up their home gym for only a few hundred dollars. This is far cheaper than gym dues or buying commercial equipment. Used equipment is good if you can find it in your area but the truth is, though people throw around Cragislist as the holy answer to your problems, depending on where you live you may never find what you need from there, much less at the time you want it. But if you can find stuff in your area, you should explore that option first.

The second reason I put this site up, rather than just trained with my homemade gear and kept my mouth shut about it, is that there are many sites like this on the net; but few to none of them actually have instructions about how to build the projects they list. It's nice for someone who can just look at a picture and have the know how to build the equipment but that's not accessible to most people, including the ones making excuses about how they "can't" train from home. HmS actually shows you in detail how to put these projects together.


As of now, I have projects that include everything you need to do a basic strength training barbell based program. Bench Press, Squats, Overhead Presses, etc. Future projects will be uploaded when I complete them. I pretty much have everything I need at the moment to train the way I train. And all of this can be made for less than half the price of the cheapest commercial power rack.

The truth is you can do 90% of the things you should do with nothing more than a barbell and weights. Deadlift, Power Clean, Overhead Press (after cleaning the weight), Push ups, weighted planks and sit ups, Front Squats (after cleaning weight to shoulders). All require nothing more than the bar, your body, and an empty space. Dip between two chairs or at a playground. Chin up hanging off your deck or at a playground. Carry heavy logs or rocks or carry your weight plates around. Sprint up hills. Buy a few bags of sand from the hardware store, they weigh 50 lbs and cost like 4 bucks. Lift them and carry them around. You don't have to buy or make a ton of fancy contraptions. A barbell with weight is really what you need. A rack for back squats is worth it. And then you can do nearly everything else for free. You can spend money to make things easier but you can do pretty much everything else for free too if you are willing. If you think you won't end up big and strong simply by doing the lifts above then you're mistaken.

You don't need a room full of equipment. You don't even need most of the stuff on this blog. You need a bar and weights, your body, and an empty space to fit said bar, weights, and body. Can you get a bar and weights? Good, then no more excuses.

Thanks for stopping by,
- Carl