Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lifting Belt Storage Rack

Another project that I made from scrap materials. It's a glorified shelf / coat rack but I made it to store my weight lifting belts and other small gear. I previously had these lying on the floor so this storage solution is an improvement.

Even if you were to buy materials for this project you would only need a 1 x 6 board about 60 inches long, depending on how big you want to make it. A few small nails and screws, a square dowel, and some bolts with nuts and washers. It should be under $10.

This is part of the "show off" series, as I didn't record the actual construction process. I made this up on the fly and the exact materials I used is not the perfect way to go about it because I was just cleaning up scrap I had. The project is pretty simple and I explain the construction in the video, but if you would like me to do a full write-up with diagrams and such please leave a comment. If the demand is there I'll do it. But it's basically just a simple shelf with bolts through it for "hooks" and a lip around the edge so my lacrosse ball doesn't roll off.

The reason I suggest screwing this thing into studs is because it's going to have a decent amount of weight on it, especially if you hang chain belts from it. To find the studs in your wall either use a stud finder tool or you can knock on the wall. You'll be able to hear and feel when you're over a stud because it will sound hard, for lack of a better way to describe it. Where there's no stud it will be distinctly hollow.

- Carl


  1. This blog is awesome. Thanks man.

  2. I would be interested to see a rack like this made, but with room or 'additional hooks' for foam rolls. think you could work on something like that? I have an idea if you want to see it.

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